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About us Asahi Group


Connecting the world, one trade at a time.

About Asahi Group: Asahi is a dynamic and innovative business conglomerate based in Japan, with a strong focus on import and export services. Our vision is to connect the world through our diverse range of products and services, and we are proud to have branches in South Korea and Canada.

At Asahi Group, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Our goal is to bring people and businesses together, bridging the gap between different cultures and markets. 

DR:Talaat Salama

Chairman and founder

Zeyad Salama

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Wide Range of Services

From import and export to hospitality and beyond, Asahi Group offers a diverse range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers.

Global Reach

With branches in Japan, South Korea, and Canada, Asahi Group is well positioned to serve customers and partners all over the world.

Expertise and Quality

Each subsidiary company within Asahi Group is staffed by a team of experts, with a focus on providing quality products and services to customers.

Innovation and Growth

Lorem ipsum ipsum juyi dolor loream sit Contary popular amet.Asahi Group is constantly seeking new and better ways to serve its customers, reflecting its innovative spirit and drive for growth.

Customer Satisfaction

About Asahi Group, customer satisfaction is always a top priority, and the company is dedicated to providing the best possible experiences for its customers.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you need help with a product or service, Asahi Group is here to help, with a team of experts available to provide comprehensive support.