About Commercial Agencies

Asahi Group is the perfect partner for investors worldwide, offering a diverse range of commercial agencies. These include solidarity, distribution, franchise, and manufacturing agencies, which provide exclusive services to their countries while adhering to Japanese quality standards. To become an agent, a feasibility study, company file, financial status report, and a good reputation are essential. The agent must also pass a personal interview to be considered.

As an Asahi Group agent, you’ll have access to numerous benefits, such as placing the Asahi Group mark on your products, using the “Made in Japan” label, receiving the latest annual training systems in Japan, participating in the development of project solutions through the research center, and obtaining technological support from Japanese experts upon request.

To obtain a commercial power of attorney from Asahi

To obtain a commercial power of attorney from Asahi, there are several conditions that need to be met. Firstly, the applicant needs to submit a feasibility study for the proposed project along with a comprehensive company or activity file, including a commercial register and tax report. Additionally, the financial status of the company should be provided, and the applicant must have a good reputation and no previous criminal convictions or actions that may harm the reputation of the group.

Furthermore, the applicant needs to pass a personal interview to be determined later. Once the commercial power of attorney is awarded, the agent is obligated to adhere to Japanese quality standards and promote the Asahi brand in their respective countries.

Obtaining a commercial agency from Asahi comes with several advantages, including:

Obtaining a commercial agency from Asahi comes with several advantages, including: Access to high-quality Japanese products and services that meet global standards. Use of the Asahi Group brand name, which carries a reputation for excellence and quality. Access to training systems in Japan for agents and representatives. Participation in the development of solutions for projects through the group’s research center. Technological support from Japanese experts sent to the agent’s country upon request. Opportunities to collaborate with the group in marketing, distribution, and advertising campaigns. Overall, the benefits of obtaining a commercial agency from Asahi can help businesses expand their reach, increase their competitiveness, and enhance their reputation in their respective markets.